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Cheetah are known for being solitary animals, but its actually very rare to come across one on its own. Whether it’s a coalition of brothers, or a mother bringing up her young, they are an amusing and interesting mammal to follow.

Lion Wildlife Photography

In Kenya, Cheetah can generally be found sitting on a termite mound, or actually, anywhere high up which gives them a good view of the landscape.  They aren’t fond of dense tree or bushy ground because their strength is with their incredible eyesight and mind boggling speed – neither of which are much use in densely populated undergrowth. 

….and if anyone tells you that Cheetah don’t climb trees, that’s just not true!

Bear in mind these are wild animals, not in a zoo or safari park but on a reserve covering over 580 square miles (1,510 square km).  There were using the truck for play, but also using it for the height advantage the truck gave them to survey the plains.  I felt very uncomfortable about the whole experience and wondered if because they don’t shy away from human contact we are domesticating them too much?

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Lion Prints, Framed or Canvas to Buy

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Portraits of Lions

Cheetah (Acinonys Jubatus) prints and images can be of adult males together in a coalition, adult females with their young or adolescent cubs, sitting, running, standing on termite or ant mounds or out on the plains of the Mara in the tall grass.  Whatever they are doing Cheetah are always a focused predator and because of this make great home and office wall art giving an interesting talking point.

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Lion Prints for Home or Office

The fact that Cheetah don’t mind being out in the open, which must make the Mara heaven on earth to the Cheetah that live there, makes them incredibly easy to photograph.  The only other thing you need in your favour is the weather, the lighting and the background – none of which you can control!

You can also come across Cheetah by driving across the plains and come across them moving from one place to another.  Cheetah cover a lot of ground, in a very short space of time.  But it’s also fair to say that they spend most of their time, as do other Big Cats, lounging around!

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Capturing Lions on Safari

On many safaris on the Mara we have come across a family of Cheetah.  The young cubs always learning from their mothers.  On one such safari we were with a number of other trucks and were very surprised, when a couple of the adolescent cubs decided to climb up on to one of the trucks and settle down after a bit of investigation into the correct use of a bean bag!

I’m a huge fan of Canon.  It’s also fair to say that when you initially buy in to a brand, it’s very difficult to change as the body and lenses don’t come cheap!  With Cheetah, there is no need for a massive lens as they aren’t camera shy.  A 100 – 400 mm lens will be great for the job and an image stabiliser essential if they decide to chase some game!